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Intelligent Connectivity

Intelligent Connectivity

Software and technology for global mobile connectivity that keeps people and things securely and invisibly connected to the best network available

The World Runs on Connectivity

We all need to be connected. Our systems depend on it. When we lose connectivity, things break down. iPass provides global mobile intelligent connectivity solutions that let enterprises, operators, and brands keep their end users seamlessly and securely connected to the best network available.

iPass SmartConnect provides intelligent connectivity

The Best Mobile Experience

It all starts with our iPass SmartConnect™ cloud-based platform, which uses intelligent network selection to choose the best network for the user’s needs, based on availability, performance, and cost. iPass SmartConnect technology creates smooth transitions between Wi-Fi hotspots and between different network technologies, whether cellular, Wi-Fi or satellite, keeping end users more productive, satisfied, and sticky.

iPass has the world's largest WiFi network

The World’s Largest Wi-Fi Network

With more than 60 million hotspots in more than 120 countries and inflight Wi-Fi on more than 20 leading airlines, iPass delivers simple, secure, unlimited Wi-Fi access for people, devices and things. We’ve built our global network from more than 160 of the world’s best networks. And the iPass SmartConnect platform helps us grow our network faster and smarter, by identifying and curating open hotspots as our end users roam Wi-Fi networks.

iPass Veri-fi Big Data Analytics - Geolocation metrics

Global Wi-Fi Analytics and Data

As iPass end users roam, the iPass SmartConnect platform identifies and rates access points based on factors such as signal strength, speed, bandwidth availability, and connection success rate. iPass SmartConnect’s self-learning algorithm continuously improves its knowledge of global Wi-Fi networks, allowing iPass to select the most optimal Wi-Fi networks in real time and blacklist hotspots that don’t perform. You can also access our analytics to glean valuable insights for your business.




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The world’s biggest companies count on us

Uber, Ericsson, Emirates, Hitachi, and Life Wireless
Uber, Ericsson, Emirates, Hitachi, and Life Wireless