Do you understand the importance of Always Being Connected?

Red haired boy talking on the phone

You’re out of town for the weekend when your phone lights up with the dreaded phone call from your teenage brother. Before you even answer the call there are a million different scenarios running through your head as to why he’s calling and what he could possibly need. You answer, fearing the worst – only to hear the words “Hey, the internet is down – what do I do?”

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What Social Selling Isn’t

Sales Leaders

Just like anything shiny and new, social selling suffers from a fair amount of hype. And with hype comes misunderstanding.

Sales reps and leaders eager to embrace the next generation of selling tactics often jump in with both feet. While this enthusiasm is great, sometimes they dive in before they understand what social selling really is, or what they’re trying to achieve. This is a recipe for disaster.

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Wi-Fi First Enterprise


When you think of classic combinations that just work together, what do you think of? Peanut butter and jelly? Chips and dip? Now imagine Wi-Fi is a cookie and 3G/4G is milk – you could have one without the other – but they work so much better together. That classic, yet timeless combination is a great example of how the “Wi-Fi First” Enterprise works.

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5 Free Must Have Apps for the Mobile Worker

WhatsApp Image

You wake up at the crack of dawn and the first thing you do – once you’ve turned off the dreaded alarm – is reach for your mobile device to check the latest updates you’ve missed overnight, and chances are there’s a lot! Until you get back into bed that night I bet your mobile device doesn’t leave your side, accompanying you everywhere: client meetings, lunch, the car and even the bathroom. Sound familiar?

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Eat, Sleep, Fly, Repeat!


We’ve all been there – you’re ‘fresh’ off the plane and flung straight into the next four hours of non-stop, back-to-back client meetings, followed by a networking event and dinner with your global colleagues. Pheeeww! Repeat this five days on the trot it’s no wonder business travelers come back exhausted – it’s enough to make you tired just reading about it!

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Before and After

iPass Before and After

If I was able to experience iPass years ago, maybe global travel would have been almost glamorous

When I was a young girl I dreamed that I would “travel the world”. So when I grew up, I sought out career opportunities where my work would require me to become a global road warrior…and so I did.

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