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What is iPass?

We now live in a Wi-Fi First World. iPass is your global Wi-Fi solution, keeping you connected to what matters most.

iPass is a cloud-based service that provides businesses access to the world’s largest Wi-Fi network, allowing them to their users to the information and people that matter most, wherever and whenever they need it.

Unlimited data. Unlimited devices. Unlimited possibilities.

In today’s world, businesses are challenged with keeping their employees productive while they are traveling—at the airport, in-flight, at the hotel—everywhere. For improved productivity, mobile workers need to be able to connect seamlessly wherever they are.

For businesses to be competitive, they need to innovate and use the new cloud-based apps and services. Unfortunately, cloud-based apps and collaboration services require high-speed connectivity and high volume data usage. Using 3G/4G roaming, especially for international travel, may cause connection costs to spiral out of control.

iPass is the Solution

iPass IS the solution


A hosted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering to keep your users connected. Unlimited behaves like you’d expect any cloud-based service to behave. The basic package includes a fixed per user, per month price – for Unlimited use of Wi-Fi: this is all the Wi-Fi your users can consume. Unlimited time, Unlimited data, Unlimited usage on the user’s devices – laptops, smart phones, and tablets – and Unlimited networks – even while in the air.


For the Wi-Fi service to be Unlimited, it has to be available Everywhere – cafes, airports, hotels, convention centers, airplanes, trains cafes and public venues.


Invisible implies that connecting to Wi-Fi and staying connected should be simple and automatic. Users should not have to think about or make any effort to connect. It should just happen. That’s invisible.

In order to provide a truly valuable service, iPass believes that all three capabilities should work together – Unlimited, Everywhere and Invisible.

iPass makes it easy and affordable for its customers to live this Unlimited philosophy by the way we package and price our Unlimited offering and its cloud-based delivery.