Welcome to a powerful new world of global Wi-Fi connectivity for your Vertu phone

Vertu, the world’s leading provider of luxury mobile phones, and iPass have teamed together to provide you with an entirely new global data service that you can use alongside your cellular data plan; seamless access to over 60 million hotspots across 120 countries worldwide.

With unlimited data and often better performance than 3G, Wi-Fi is your power tool for lightning-speed access to high-bandwidth applications such as Skype messaging, video/audio streaming and large email attachments.

Wi-Fi–it’s for the globally mobile.

Seamless Global Access

Connect to over 60 million Wi-Fi hotspots across 120 countries –worldwide.

Unlimited Data

It’s that simple–no data quota. Use as much as you like. On average, Wi-Fi accounts for over 70% of mobile data on smartphones!

Better than 3G

Wi-Fi is generally faster than 3G on all metrics; download, upload and latency. Upload and latency are important for VOIP and video communications, such as Skype.


Time is money. iPass eliminates time and complexity, making Wi-Fi really easy to use.

Fast ROI

The average daily rate for hotel Wi-Fi is $17 USD. At $275 for a whole year, iPass pays for itself in less than 17 days.

Cost Savings

Android users consume 3GB of Wi-Fi data each month. With international data roaming rates costing between $6 – $15 USD per MB, that’s a small fortune saved.

iPass global Wi-Fi roaming is available with all Vertu smartphones

As a Vertu phone owner you may access this exclusive offer for a 12-month period at a highly competitive rate of $275.