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Report 2016

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By now, we all know how important Wi-Fi has become. It’s the dominant mode of connecting; some countries even spend 70 percent of their time on Wi-Fi. And soon, 60 percent of mobile data will go over Wi-Fi by 2019. But those numbers can seem a bit academic. How important is Wi-Fi to mobile professionals? It turns out, really important.

Wi-Fi connectivity has become an integral part of their daily lives, even surpassing some basic, human luxuries and necessities. For instance, 40 percent of mobile professionals said that Wi-Fi is more important to them than sex, chocolate or alcohol. How do we know? We surveyed mobile professionals in the U.S. and Europe, asking them about their connectivity habits and learning about their peccadilloes.

We put our findings together in the iPass Mobile Professional Report 2016, which analyses some of the biggest connectivity trends affecting mobile professionals today. In this report, you’ll learn how mobile professionals are managing to remain productive and connected on-the-go, and to what extent connectivity has impacted their professional and personal lives. The report highlights the fact that today’s mobile professional is heavily reliant on Wi-Fi and is increasingly choosing Wi-Fi over other connectivity methods. Furthermore, many professionals are making their travel choices based on the Wi-Fi experience.

The report includes:

  • Introduction
  • Wi-Fi more important than sex, chocolate or alcohol
  • Wi-Fi is making a tangible difference in people’s lives
  • Choices, choices, choices
  • Data is key
  • Staying connected on the go
  • Users demand free airport Wi-Fi
  • The IT security disconnect
  • Conclusion
  • Survey Methodology
  • About iPass

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