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Business Traveler Connectivity Report

An iPass Mobile Workplace Survey, May 2014

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Executive Summary

This report summarizes the challenges faced by business travelers when looking for Internet connectivity when they’re on the road. Getting connected to Wi-Fi is essential when the work needs to get done—from meetings, to online collaboration, to sharing files. Yet with more devices that are Wi-Fi dependent and the demand for high-bandwidth services—many in the cloud—they are faced with a number of challenges when they try to connect.

Business travelers hit the road with an average of three connected devices. Those devices make it possible for travelers to stay connected close to 100 percent of their waking hours. Respondents listed “lack of connectivity” as a huge challenge to business travel.

Business travelers spoke loud and clear: finding and accessing Wi-Fi is one of the top challenges they face when they travel. It’s so important to them that the majority of business travelers haven’t gone longer than four hours without connecting.

Looking at the big picture, business travelers really want four things from their Wi-Fi connection when they are on the road: cost, ease, security and ad-free.

Making Wi-Fi accessible for business travelers has emerged as a pressing business requirement.

In this report

  • Wi-Fi is an Essential Business Ingredient
  • Wi-Fi is Preferred over Cellular Data
  • Tablets Increase the Need
  • Barriers to Using Wi-Fi
  • The Challenges of “Transient” Wi-Fi
  • Conclusion
  • Survey Methodology


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