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Business Traveler Connectivity Index

An iPass Cost Index, July 2015

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Executive Summary

This report summarizes the challenges faced by companies trying to keep their business travelers connected when they’re on the road. In this Wi-Fi First world, companies need to ensure their traveling employee’s devices—which are Wi-Fi dependent and demand high-bandwidth for the services they need—are connected wherever they happen to be. This can be an expensive proposition.

However, there are options and businesses who have mobile employees need to be aware of the benefits and pitfalls of these options. From Inflight to Free Wi-Fi—which has it’s own “soft costs”— to Pay-as-you-go, this report outlines the pros and cons of all the possible options available to businesses and mobile workers.

The bottom line is that making Wi-Fi accessible for business travelers has become is a critical business requirement. Here’s how your team and company can manage the costs associated with working on the road.

In this report

  • Executive Summary
  • The Connectivity Options
  • Average Data Usage
  • Average Data Usage for a Business Traveler in 2015
  • Travel Days and Profiles
  • Connectivity Options vs Travel Profiles
  • Summary


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