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The latest in Global Wi-Fi trends

iPass Mobile Professional Report 2016

By now, we all know how important Wi-Fi has become. It’s the dominant mode of connecting; some countries even spend 70 percent of their time on Wi-Fi. And soon, 60 percent of mobile data will go over Wi-Fi by 2019. But those numbers can seem a bit academic. How important is Wi-Fi to mobile professionals? It turns out, really important.

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Mobile Connectivity Cost Index 2016

As the number of devices people use increases, mobile connectivity has never been more important. Whether mobile professionals are trying to be productive by day or connect with family and friends by night, there is a tangible need to be always connected. And with the continued growth of cloud applications and Unified Communications (UC), high-quality, secure connectivity is no longer “nice to have,” it’s a “must have.”

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iPass Mobile Security
Report 2016

Mobile working has transformed the business world by changing the face and boundaries of the modern office. With mobile technologies such as Wi-Fi, employees can now access company data wherever they are.

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Business Traveler Connectivity Index

Businesses who have mobile employees need to be aware of the benefits and pitfalls of mobile Wi-Fi. From Inflight to Free Wi-Fi to Pay-as-you-go, this report outlines the pros and cons of all the options available to businesses and their mobile employees.

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Business Traveler Connectivity Report

Business travelers hit the road with an average of three connected devices. Those devices make it possible for travelers to stay connected close to 100 percent of their waking hours. Respondents listed “lack of connectivity” as a huge challenge to business travel.

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