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iPass Mobile Network Introduces New Train Access with Nomad Partnership

iPass Mobile Network Introduces New Train Access with Nomad Partnership

Nomad Partnership gives mobile employees Wi-Fi access on 330 Virgin train destinations across the United Kingdom

London — March 16, 2011 — iPass Inc. (NASDAQ: IPAS), a leading provider of enterprise mobility services, today announced a partnership with Nomad Digital Limited, a leading global provider of train-to-shore data connectivity solutions. The partnership will give mobile workers, who use the iPass Mobile Network, Wi-Fi access on Virgin Trains which operate up to 330 daily train destinations throughout the United Kingdom. Last year more than 28 million passengers traveled on Virgin Trains.

“We are delighted to partner with iPass in extending Wi-Fi access to mobile workers and commuters alike who want to make efficient use of their time working and communicating while traveling on Virgin Trains,” said Jay Saw, Commercial Director at Nomad. “Our experience has allowed us to deliver high-speed wireless network connections across Europe, the US, Middle East & Asia and our partnership with iPass brings increased usage and awareness of our Wi-Fi service.”

“Thanks to our partnership with Nomad, iPass now offers instant Wi-Fi access on Virgin Trains to over half a million monthly iPass users,” said Marcio Avillez, iPass vice president of Network Services. “The iPass Mobile Network continues to grow, offering secure authentication for iPass users whether it’s on the road, planes and now trains.”

In addition to Wi-Fi hotspot availability on Virgin Trains, iPass also offers access through Nomad on East Midlands Trains that travel from London-to-Sheffield and London-to-Nottingham routes.

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