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New iPass Mobile Workforce Report Documents the Consumer Habits of Mobile Employees

New iPass Mobile Workforce Report Documents the Consumer Habits of Mobile Employees

Quarterly report finds mobile employees prefer smartphones over laptops, iPhone over BlackBerry smartphone and iPad over Netbooks

REDWOOD SHORES, Calif., — February 25, 2010 — iPass® Inc. (NASDAQ: IPAS), a leading enterprise mobility services provider, today published its quarterly Mobile Workforce Report. The report includes results of a recent survey of 695 mobile employees about access and device preferences, as well as historical fourth quarter 2009 mobile usage data collected by iPass across its customer base of 3,500 enterprise customers. The report demonstrates that mobile employees clearly want the latest consumer devices, and at the same time do not know how much their mobile connectivity costs their companies.

Mobile employees prefer smartphones
According to the survey, while 32 percent of mobile employees rank BlackBerry smartphone as their mobile device of choice, 54 percent of BlackBerry smartphone users would switch to an iPhone if it were supported by their corporation. In addition, while the device has not yet shipped, respondents were more likely to want an iPad (24 percent) than an Android device (11 percent), or Netbook (8 percent). The survey also found that 63 percent of mobile employees prefer a smartphone to 37 percent who prefer a laptop as their mobile device.

“The adoption of consumer devices and services by enterprise users is making enterprise mobility expensive and chaotic to manage. Attempts to ignore this trend and deny employees the consumer devices they crave will not only drive up the cost of enterprise mobility, it will turn employees and IT departments into rivals versus allies,” said Evan Kaplan, CEO of iPass. “Our goal is to empower enterprises with insight into their mobile employees’ behavior, as well as arm them with the tools necessary put them back in the driver’s seat so they can stop worrying and learn to love devices like the iPhone.”

Mobile employees unaware of their mobile connectivity costs
With predictions ranging from 397.1 million (Forrester) to 1.2 billion (IDC) mobile employees by 2012 it is essential for enterprises to understand when, where and how their employees are logging in to the network to reduce potential compliance, security and cost risks. The iPass survey found that the majority of mobile employees are largely unaware of how much their mobile connectivity costs their employers. Only 36 percent reported that they knew how much their mobile connectivity cost. In the survey, 41 percent of mobile employees have received a surprise mobility charge, and for nine percent it was more than $500.

Mobile employees are not just business travelers
The definition of a mobile employee continues to broaden with the addition of new devices and services. Once relegated to the business traveler today every employee is a potential mobile employee. Both the survey and the historical mobile usage data from iPass users indicate that while many mobile employees drawn from the iPass customer-base have made some business travel, many more are logging in from home. According to the historical data of the 32 percent of mobile employees that traveled, 5 percent traveled eight days or more during the quarter. Survey respondents represented more frequent travelers with 56 percent expecting to travel 30 days or more in 2010.

The mobile usage data showed that while 68 percent did not travel during the quarter, they did log in from home. More than 45 percent of mobile employees logged in from home at least twice a month, and 16.8 percent logged in more than ten times a month. Excluding the home and the office, mobile employees most often log in from hotels (42.6 percent), airports (27.2 percent), and retail outlets and restaurants (27 percent).

About the Report
The iPass Mobile Workforce Report is a quarterly report that summarizes enterprise mobile broadband usage data for 1,000 users collected by iPass across its customer base of 3,500 customers. The mobile broadband usage data was collected from October 1 through December 31, 2009. The report also includes results from a survey of 695 mobile enterprise workers. The survey was conducted February 8 through 18, 2010. For a complete copy of the report visit /about/mobile-workforce-report .

About iPass Inc.
Founded in 1996, iPass (NASDAQ:IPAS) is a leading provider of enterprise mobility services with 3,500 customers, including more than 370 of the Forbes Global 2000.The company’s mission is to be the voice of the enterprise in the mobility market by providing services that simply, smartly and openly facilitate access from any device on any network, while providing the visibility and control necessary to support the demands of the enterprise customer. For more information, visit or follow iPass on Twitter at .

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