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iPass Launches Airline Enablement Platform

New iPass SmartConnect™ for Airlines optimizes passenger experience to drive loyalty, engagement and monetization opportunities; keeps passengers, employees and crew connected wherever they are

REDWOOD SHORES, Calif., Sept. 25, 2018—iPass Inc. (NASDAQ: IPAS), a leading provider of global mobile connectivity and location technology, today announced the launch of iPass SmartConnect for Airlines. The new airline enablement platform is designed to optimize the passenger experience and create stronger relationships between airlines and their customers. iPass provides seamless connectivity on the ground and inflight to airline passengers and staff, as well as network performance and passenger experience analytics, so airlines can stay connected to passengers and staff throughout their journeys.

Key features of iPass SmartConnect for Airlines include:

Friction-free connectivity: By integrating the iPass SmartConnect SDK into their own apps, airlines can keep passengers within their own ecosystem from door-to-door, whether in the lounge, inflight or beyond. Airlines can also provide a consistent user experience and stored payment methods across loyalty programs and other services.

Employee and crew connectivity: It’s vital that airline crew and staff are connected so that they can do their jobs. Using iPass SmartConnect, airlines can enable electronic flight bag initiatives and provide their staff with the most seamless, secure Wi-Fi roaming experience available today.

New revenue opportunities: Airlines can leverage the door-to-door connectivity experience to create new partner and co-branding opportunities.

Network and passenger analytics: Through iPass Network Intelligence, airlines will also have access to network and inflight experience analytics, which will enable them to better monetize their seats.

“By launching our new airline enablement platform, we are giving airlines the opportunity to monetize seats and create the best customer experience through connecting them door to door,” said Patricia Hume, COO at iPass. “Equally airlines can keep passengers and staff connected while understanding how their network is performing and the experience that they are providing.”


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iPass (NASDAQ: IPAS) has been a pioneer in connectivity technology for 20 years. The company’s SmartConnect technology enables wireless users to automatically transition between Wi-Fi and cellular so they can stay connected to work — and life — on the go. This technology also lets businesses gather rich insights based on customer location. By incorporating both Wi-Fi and GPS signals, iPass delivers the industry’s most accurate location data, so that businesses can better understand their customers and create more value.

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