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iPass Helps Expro Control Mobile Data Costs With Unlimited Global Wi-Fi

Oil and gas specialists’ international workforce stays seamlessly connected while on the road

REDWOOD SHORES, Calif., Nov 24, 2015: iPass Inc. (NASDAQ: IPAS), the world’s largest Wi-Fi network, has announced that it has helped Expro significantly reduce its mobility costs as a result of being an iPass customer. Expro is a leading provider of well flow management products and services to the global oil and gas industry, with much of its business taking place at customer sites worldwide. Consequently, a cost-effective and easy to deploy mobility strategy has been fundamental to the company’s productivity and profitability. With iPass, Expro has been able to reduce 3G/4G roaming charges and provide its employees with unlimited and seamless Wi-Fi connectivity across millions of locations worldwide.

Around half of Expro’s 5,000 employees, including managers, sales executives and operational teams, travel for work. They must be able to seamlessly connect to email, desktop applications, a travel assistance app from their mobile devices, and to Unified Communications tools including instant messaging tools, presence and IP telephony. This mobile usage has caused Expro to use increasing amounts of mobile data; where once it accounted for 10% of the company’s mobile roaming charges, today it is about 70%. Expro spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on mobile telephony, including roaming charges, so keeping mobility costs under control is a key objective for the company.

“iPass helps us avoid ‘bill shock’ on mobiles. The significant savings we make by using iPass instead of 3G or 4G mean it’s a key part of our mobile strategy. Without it, the rising costs of ever-increasing data usage would seriously curtail our aspirations around Unified Communications on mobile,” said Martin Ogden, CIO, Expro. “With a smartphone in their hand, our people quickly developed an ‘always-on’ mentality. The iPass Wi-Fi network supports that by giving them a better application experience than they would have with 3G, or even 4G, helping them work more efficiently in the field.”

iPass has proved easy for employees to use and has been especially valuable for those employees that spend much of their working lives away from home, frequently spending weeks at a time as far afield as Russia and Nigeria.

“The iPass mobile client is invisible and easy to use, so people soon get the hang of it. It’s become a seamless piece of kit for people on the road,” added Ogden. “Staying in touch with their families helps boost employees’ morale and well-being, so enabling them to make personal calls over iPass is important. Because iPass Wi-Fi access is unlimited, they can do so without adding to our mobile costs.”

Patricia Hume, chief commercial officer, iPass said: “For businesses with large mobile workforces, such as Expro, keeping mobility costs under control is vital. At the same time, they need to able to provide high-quality connectivity that meets today’s mobile users’ expectations. With iPass Unlimited, businesses can get the best of both worlds; unlimited and invisible access to a global network of millions of hotspots.”


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