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iPass Open Mobile continues End-User experience enhancements on iOS and Android devices

iPass Open Mobile continues End-User experience enhancements on iOS and Android devices

Updates make it easier for users to get started and connect from anywhere for improved productivity and cost efficiency

REDWOOD SHORES, Calif., June 13, 2013: iPass Inc. (NASDAQ: IPAS), the global Wi-Fi roaming leader for enterprises and telecom service providers, announced today significant enhancements to its iPass Open Mobile Wi-Fi clients for iOS and Android devices. The enhancements will now allow Open Mobile iOS and Android smartphone and tablet users to easily activate their account by simply using their email address, and connect through the iPass Mobile Network whether on land or in the air.

“iPass has a deep understanding of Wi-Fi but that doesn’t mean our end user customers want to be experts themselves,” said Barbara Nelson, CTO, iPass. “In addition to providing a solution that is cost effective and fast, it needs to be consistently simple to use at any location around the world. That is a lot harder than one would think given that each network can be set up uniquely. Making the end-user experience simple has been and will continue to be the driving force behind our development efforts since bringing simplicity to an expanding and complicated Wi-Fi network not only improves the end users’ experience but it removes the support burden from IT.”

According to the Q1 2013 iPass Mobile Workforce Report, “Forty-two percent of mobile workers are already limiting their 3G/4G data use because of limitations in their plans. They also increasingly care about cost. The key is giving them the bandwidth they need, packaged in an affordable and easily accessible service.” In addition, the report states that workers have difficulty with Wi-Fi access at least once per week.

Enhancements for the iPass Open Mobile apps for iOS and Android devices include the following:

  • Easy end-user account setup: End-user account setup is easier than ever before. With simple email setup and clear messaging, there is no need for IT help to get started. End users can test their iPass accounts to make sure they are ready to connect before arriving at a hotspot, ensuring a successful first-time connection.
  • International inflight: The same inflight support for Android is now available on iOS. Turning on the auto-login feature gets users online when they turn on their device.
  • Power consumption: Wi-Fi can be a battery drain on tablets and smartphones. Android users will now experience more with less power consumption.
  • Loyalty programs: Loyalty program members often receive complimentary hotel Wi-Fi access. The new iOS and Android apps now allow users to easily take advantage of this service for quick connections and further cost savings.
  • Cost effective auto-connect: IT administrators have long allowed end users to set the auto-connect function on their iOS and Android devices. This allows users to turn on their device and immediately access the Wi-Fi network but for some networks this feature is cost prohibitive. With the new enhancements, both iOS and Android apps now allow the IT administrator to choose which set of networks are allowed to have auto-connect capabilities.
  • More networks: The iPass Mobile Network now includes 1,244,000+ commercial hotspots in 123 countries and territories. And in flight, the network now includes over 1,800 planes.

The iPass Open Mobile clients for iOS v3.1 and Android v2.7 are immediately available for free download from the Apple iTunes Store and Google Play.

About iPass Open Mobile
iPass Open Mobile enables organizations to provide mobile employees with seamless connectivity to the world’s largest commercial Wi-Fi network of more than 1.2 million hotspots including in-flight Internet, hotels, airports and business venues around the world. Open Mobile provides a consistent user experience across smartphones, tablets and laptops while avoiding costly roaming charges and expensive Wi-Fi day passes. Organizations gain visibility into enterprise, group, individual and device mobility, and can easily control expenses, reduce the total cost of enterprise mobility and improve mobile workforce productivity. For more information, please visit:

About iPass Inc.
iPass helps enterprises and telecom service providers ensure their employees and subscribers stay well connected. Founded in 1996, iPass (NASDAQ: IPAS) delivers the world’s largest commercial-grade Wi-Fi network and trusted connectivity platform. With more than 1.2 million Wi-Fi hotspots across 123 countries and territories, iPass gives its customers always-on, frictionless connectivity for smartphones, tablets and laptops anywhere in the world – simply, securely and cost-effectively. Additional information is available at or on Smarter Connections, the iPass blog.


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