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iPass to Power Wi-Fi Roaming from Cubic Telecom

New service enables combination of GSM international voice calls, and 3G data roaming with the largest global commercial-grade Wi-Fi network

REDWOOD SHORES, Calif., February 29, 2012– iPass Inc. (NASDAQ: IPAS) and Cubic Telecom today announced a new agreement that will enable Cubic Telecom users to access more than 680,000 Wi-Fi hotspots in 117 countries internationally as they roam using the Maxroam data and voice roaming service.

In joining iPass Open Mobile Exchange (iPass OMX), a global Wi-Fi exchange community with the world’s largest commercial Wi-Fi network, Cubic Telecom is combining its low cost GSM international voice calls with international Wi-Fi roaming services from iPass as part of its Maxroam service. When Maxroam global roaming users connect to iPass OMX they will enjoy even higher bandwidth, greater speeds and the ability to use Wi-Fi for all their GSM devices—tablets, laptops or smartphones.

“By integrating iPass’ 680,000 hotspots onto the Cubic Telecom platform, we are expanding our capability of accessing multiple 3G and CDMA carrier technologies by now adding Wi-Fi access all through one wallet and one point of contact—the Cubic Telecom SIM card. Consumer appetite for mobile data services and always on connectivity has been increasing significantly, particularly for business travelers. By partnering with iPass we will be able to give our customers global access to Wi-Fi giving them even higher data speeds and availability without worrying about bill-shock and enormous fees.” said Barry Napier, Cubic CEO.

“Cubic Telecom has transformed the experience of making international phone calls from cell phones by reducing the cost to affordable levels,” said Steve Livingston, senior vice president of carrier development at iPass. “The iPass Open Mobile Exchange has united multiple Wi-Fi networks into the largest, single Wi-Fi network in the world that allows members to seamlessly connect to Wi-Fi hotspots globally. By joining iPass OMX, Cubic Telecom continues to offer their customers genuine value with a fast, reliable and affordable global Wi-Fi roaming solution.”

About iPass OMX
iPass OMX is a market-leading platform for mobile service providers and Wi-Fi network operators to acquire and exchange Wi-Fi traffic to service the demand for commercial, carrier-grade Wi-Fi hotspots. iPass OMX helps to increase mobile network capacity quickly and cost-effectively by providing access to the world’s largest commercial Wi-Fi network through a single interface, connecting 140 Wi-Fi network operators and over 680,000 hotspots with certified WISPr interoperability in 117 countries and territories worldwide.

To use the Maxroam service, customers may order the SIM card from Maxroam’s web site (, replace the SIM in their GSM (unlocked) phones, activate the card online and as soon as they arrive at their travel destination, start Tweeting, looking at Facebook, Skype or email and visiting favourite websites for one low data rate.

About Cubic Telecom
Cubic Telecom is a provider of a range of Maxroam global data and voice roaming cards which provide coverage in more than 200 countries, delivering up to 70 percent savings over standard roaming costs. Cards are available immediately from US dollar rates will vary according to Euro/US dollar conversion rates.

About iPass Inc.
iPass helps enterprises and telecom service providers ensure their employees and customer stay well connected. Founded in 1996, iPass (NASDAQ: IPAS) delivers the world’s largest commercial-grade Wi-Fi network and trusted connectivity platform. With over 680,000 connection venues, iPass gives its customers always-on, frictionless connectivity anywhere in the world –easily, quickly, securely and cost effectively. Additional information is available at or on Smarter Connections, the iPass blog.