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Wi-Fi is the Global Network of Choice

In 2018 there will be nearly one Wi-Fi hotspot
for every twenty people on earth

Wi-Fi is the Global Network of Choice

Wi-Fi growth is exploding around the world. Hotspots are being added at the rate of one per second and growth is coming from a variety of places. In fact residential community hotspot growth is fueling a lot of the growth. And venues are also a critical part of the mix as brands figure out the value of delivering Wi-Fi to their customers.

iPass sits at the center of this dynamic, evolving ecosystem delivering seamless connectivity as people move from home to work to travel and beyond.

Connecting via Wi-Fi means good things for mobile workers.

Nearly 50% of all commercial hotspots are controlled by brands—it gives them the ability to create value for customers via their hotspot.

Wi-Fi accommodates high-bandwidth computing—data-heavy business apps, unified communications and even movies—giving people the freedom to do more without worrying about expensive telecom data charges.

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