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Mobile Professional Report Diagnoses Widespread Wi-Fi Addiction in 2017

Mobile Professional Report Diagnoses Widespread Wi-Fi Addiction in 2017

Mobile workers delight in the sweet, sweet joy of text and aren’t planning to quit.

Wi-Fi for work. Wi-Fi for play. Mobile professionals can’t get enough Wi-Fi. And they’re finding it nearly impossible to kick the addiction, confirms the iPass Mobile Professional Report 2017. The report analyzes the biggest mobile connectivity trends affecting professionals today, exploring the impact Wi-Fi has had on workers’ behavior, choices, and productivity.

The findings are staggering, if unsurprising. Wi-Fi dependence has become the norm, with Wi-Fi addiction causing a lot of inAPPropriate behavior, from the mid-sex text-check to the toilet scroll.

For employers, the bottom line is clear. Mobile workers need to be instantly connected, at all times, in all places. So read on to access the definitive report on the biggest mobile connectivity trends impacting workers today.

Key findings from the 2017 Mobile Professional Report


Nearly two thirds of mobile professionals feel anxious when they’re not connected to Wi-Fi.


Wi-Fi is more difficult to give up than sex, drugs, or alcohol — not to mention junk food and smoking.

Wasted Time

Over half of mobile workers say that a lack of Wi-Fi when working remotely negatively impacts their productivity.

Data Deficient

Streaming, making video calls, and accessing cloud apps are all twice as popular over Wi-Fi than cellular.


12 Steps to Wi-Fi Addiction Recovery Infographic

Can’t stay off Wi-Fi even for a couple of minutes? Does a loss of connectivity trigger Wi-Fi separation anxiety? Then, you show acute symptoms of Wi-Fi dependency. But don’t worry, you’re not suffering alone. And we’re here to help. Follow our 12-Step recovery guide to overcome your Wi-Fi addiction.


2017 iPass Mobile Professional Report News Release

REDWOOD SHORES, CA– 28 November 2017 – iPass Inc. (NASDAQ: IPAS), a leading provider of global mobile connectivity, today revealed the results of the iPass Mobile Professional Report 2017. iPass surveyed more than 1,700 mobile professionals worldwide about their connectivity habits and preferences.