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Smarter Connections:
The iPass Newsletter

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Smarter Connections: The iPass Newsletter

March is here. And with spring soon upon us, things are already beginning to bloom for iPass. Read on to find out what’s happening at iPass.

Wi-Fi Analytics Yields Customer Insights

We all know that Wi-Fi hotspots help us get connected when it matters most. But did you know that hotspots are also an invaluable source of device data, showing how consumers move in the world. To learn more, read our very own Chief Commercial Officer, Patricia Hume’s, latest article in Computer Business Review.

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Tech Data and iPass

We’re thrilled to announce that iPass SmartConnect™ for Enterprise will now be available on the Tech Data StreamOne platform.

Trouble at the Top

We’ve said it here before, but it bears repeating: your C-staff might be the biggest cybersecurity threat in your business.

6 Benefits of Enterprise Mobility

Your employees are mobile consumers in and out of the office. So here are the six benefits of tailoring your strategy to their mobile lifestyle.

Hotspot Highlight Boston

Looking to spend St. Paddy’s in Boston, or just take in the historical sights? iPass keeps you connected around Beantown.

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