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Smarter Connections:
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The best things that capture your imagination are ones you hadn't thought of before and that aren't talked about in the news all the time — Steve Wozniak

Smarter Connections: The iPass Newsletter

The clock is ticking down on summer 2018, and we appreciate how precious that one last beach day is. So let’s make it snappy. Here’s what we’ve been up to this month.


802.11ax has been appropriately dubbed “High-Efficiency” Wi-Fi. It promises to maximize the potential of fiber networks, further enable next generation technologies like virtual and augmented reality, and boost advanced IoT-enabled applications by significantly improving battery life. And that’s just the beginning.

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Keeping Corporate Security Safe

Technological advances have made life a lot easier for mobile workers. But they also present companies with new challenges.

Millennials Are Coming

By 2020, Millennials will make up 50% of the global workforce. But don’t panic. Read our blog to prepare yourself.

iPass SmartConnect

The sales team, delivery drivers — everyone in your company has a lot to do and not much time to do it. iPass SmartConnect can help.

Hotspot Highlight

Mark Twain (allegedly) said the coldest winter he ever spent was a summer in San Francisco. If true, “The City” is a perfect escape from the summer heat.

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