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iPass SmartConnect™

The most seamless Wi-Fi roaming experience

You love Wi-Fi, but you wish you could roam Wi-Fi networks the way you roam with cellular. Now you can. iPass SmartConnect is an intelligent, self-learning Wi-Fi service platform that enables the most seamless, secure Wi-Fi roaming experience available today.

iPass SmartConnect builds a real-time picture of the location and performance of Wi-Fi hotspots worldwide, both inside and outside the iPass network. With iPass SmartConnect, iPass can make intelligent connection decisions, invisibly and securely connecting you to the best Wi-Fi hotspot for your needs on any Wi-Fi enabled device.

  • Identifies the best hotspots. iPass SmartConnect uses advanced analytics to identify and rate access points based on factors such as signal strength, speed, bandwidth availability, and connection success rate.
  • Automatically connects you to the best hotspot for your needs. iPass SmartConnect’s  self-learning algorithm continuously improves its knowledge of global Wi-Fi networks, allowing iPass to select the most optimal Wi-Fi networks in real time. You connect once to iPass, then we keep you connected to the best Wi-Fi networks as you roam.
  • Connects you securely. As part of iPass SmartConnect, the iPass Last Mile VPN connects you securely where your data is most vulnerable: between the you and iPass’ secure Internet gateway.
  • Adds new hotspots where you need them most. iPass SmartConnect identifies hotspots both inside and outside the iPass network, enabling iPass to pinpoint the most popular hotspots globally. With this visibility, iPass can add new hotspots based on where users need them most.
  • Reduces costs through optimal cost routing. iPass SmartConnect allows iPass to route traffic over the most reliable and cost-effective networks based on user needs.
Millions of access points inside and out of the iPass network identified by iPass SmartConnect in first 40 daysIn less than two months of launch, iPass SmartConnect identified 31 million access point locations globally