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Inflight Wi-Fi

Stay productive, even at 30,000 feet

iPass inflight internet service

Back in the dinosaur days, being on an airplane meant being disconnected from everything and everyone. No friends. No family. No work. But with the advent of inflight Wi-Fi, now you can do what needs to be done and have some time left over for those cat videos – hey, we don’t judge.

It’s easy to use

Once your Wi-Fi enabled plane is above 10,000 feet, simply choose the appropriate inflight Wi-Fi network from your available network list to log in. There’s no need to create a separate account or sign up with your credit card to access the inflight service.

For more details on how to connect, check out our Getting Started Guides:

Who’s on board?

In the US

With iPass, easy access to inflight Wi-Fi is available on over 2,700 aircraft supported by and over 6,000 flights daily.

Around the world

iPass International inflight Internet is available on a growing number of transcontinental flights, supplied by unless annotated as .