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Strategic Partnerships

iPass Strategic Partners come from all industries

The Internet Of Things

We believe “The Internet of Things” will have a greater impact on the way people work, live and play than the Internet itself. You may be surprised to learn that the concept of connecting devices is our heritage. In fact, we’ve been doing it before the term “IoT” was coined. Over the past two years, our flexible cloud-based solution has been allowing our Strategic Partners to leverage Wi-Fi across the globe and across their devices.

Charting “uncharted” waters

A strategic partnership with iPass enables companies to enhance or expand their customer’s Wi-Fi experience in many different ways.

From HP who offers iPass as a built-in feature on laptops and tablets sold in the Asia-Pacific region to world-renowned fashion designer Ermenegildo Zegna, offering iPass as a value add to their high-end retail customers, to Vertu packaging their exclusive luxury smart phones with the iPass Wi-Fi service, we have charted territory with our strategic partners that no one else has. Let us help you realize your vision of the unlimited possibilities of a truly connected planet.

Be that Wi-Fi conduit for your customers

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