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iPass + MobileIron AppConnect partnership delivers unlimited secure global Wi-Fi access for business travelers on iOS and Android

Does your company use cloud-based or unified communication apps like CRMs, marketing automation, video conferencing or file-sharing?

These high-bandwidth tools are often difficult to use on free or even pay-as-you-go Wi-Fi networks. iPass saves your company money on expensive roaming costs and makes connecting to and using these services easier and more secure.

With iPass + AppConnect, that connectivity is more secure and easily managed for both iOS and Android.

Key benefits of iPass + MobileIron AppConnect

For IT managers
  • Maintain control of mobile device (multi-platform) usage
  • Reduce risk from lost and stolen devices (and data)
  • Enforce security policies
  • Reduce costs of mobile device deployment and wireless connectivity for users
  • Cloud-based management solutions for reduced infrastructure and management costs
For business travelers
  • Unlimited global Wi-Fi access a with the iPass Mobile Network
  • Support for BYOD choice: iOS and Android
  • Privacy of their personal data with simple sign-on
  • Reduced risk from lost or stolen devices: locate and remote wipe
  • The ability to locate nearby Wi-Fi hotspot venues
  • Data cost management via the Usage Meter and Alerts