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Global Mobile Partners

From infrastructure hardware, to devices and software our technology partners compliment our service by making our platform Unlimited.

Technology Partners

iPass technology partners provide complementary hardware and software to iPass customers including VPN, personal firewall/intrusion detection software, anti-virus software and access gateway hardware. The products and services of these partners have been proven to work reliably with the iPass’ systems at a technical level.

Featured Partner: MobileIron

Learn more about the iPass + MobileIron solution

Devices and Operating Systems

Another type of technology partnership exists between iPass and our device/OS partners. These are partners who manufacture and sell mobile devices or who develop and sell operating systems for mobile devices.

  • iPass has developed solutions or services that have been tested for compatibility with partners’ hardware or software
  • We have also entered into agreement with partners for the resale of iPass services

How to get started

For information on becoming an iPass Technology Alliance Partner, please fill out the form below or send a summary of your company and an explanation of how our companies might work together to our team at: