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Become a Channel Partner

Drive new revenues with intelligent connectivity

The world is going Wi-Fi first. By 2019, 60 percent of global mobile traffic will go over Wi-Fi. Surprising? It shouldn’t be. Wi-Fi is fast, inexpensive, virtually ubiquitous and offers a superior user experience. Most importantly, it’s reshaping business, including your customers’ and prospects’. Don’t take our word for it. Our reseller partners have been growing their businesses by reselling iPass SmartConnect as a stand alone solution or bundled as a complement to their existing service offerings.

Haven’t Partnered With iPass? Here’s Why You Should:

Sell secure, global mobile connectivity and accompanying big data as an additional value-added service

Expand your profitability potential with a predictable revenue stream

Easily access iPass marketing collateral, sales and onboarding resources to achieve a fast ROI