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Location Data for Richer Customer Insights

Location Data for Richer Customer Insights

iPass Brand Solutions

iPass delivers the most accurate location data in the industry by enhancing GPS signals with high precision location data from Wi-Fi access points. By using Wi-Fi to determine location, brands can not only develop a richer, more accurate understanding of their consumers, but can drive higher brand engagement and loyalty, too.

iPass SmartConnect - Global WiFi for brands

iPass SmartConnect™

Engage consumers wherever they are by providing them with hassle-free Wi-Fi as a benefit that drives loyalty and makes it easy to connect to your brand and apps

iPass Location Intelligence - Intelligent Location Data

iPass Location Intelligence™

Create more value by tapping into your customers’ anonymized, aggregated location data to better understand them and see how well your marketing is driving their behavior

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Consumer insights

A bank uses the iPass SmartConnect SDK to add free Wi-Fi to its app so customers can bank on the go with secure, reliable Wi-Fi. The bank also develops rich insights about its customers by analyzing device location to illuminate patterns that help the bank create new offerings and deliver more value.


Make life easier and more productive for your road warriors by giving them on-the-go Wi-Fi with iPass SmartConnect, which makes accessing Wi-Fi on the go secure, reliable and easy with technology that invisibly scans and automatically connects to Wi-Fi whenever it’s available.


A brand uses iPass SmartConnect in its app to let users connect on-the-go. Observing location patterns, the brand can then intelligently segment its audience and cater specific messages to each segment.


By understanding the sequence of locations visited by people who’ve seen a particular ad, a marketer can understand how effective that ad is in driving a given outcome. Because iPass’s location data is driven by Wi-Fi and GPS, the results are granular and highly accurate. And providing Wi-Fi to your consumers can actually improve brand engagement and loyalty where other location data services rely on buying data in ways that can make consumers uncomfortable.

Customer Loyalty

A streaming entertainment company provides all of its paid subscribers with free Wi-Fi via iPass SmartConnect so they can better use the company’s services on the go. Understanding where users go — and where they are when they consume the service — helps improve customer experience and identify partnership opportunities, in addition to providing a deeper understanding of different demographics’ media consumption.


More value. More convenience. More relevant offerings.


More insight. More engagement. More loyalty.

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