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Location-based Solutions Powered by<br />Intelligent Wi-Fi

Location-based Solutions Powered by
Intelligent Wi-Fi

Gather rich location insights about your customers – and provide real value back to them by sharing the benefit of intelligent Wi-Fi from iPass. By using Wi-Fi to determine location, our solutions not only deliver the industry’s most accurate location data but also drive customer engagement, loyalty, and more personalized experiences.


For Brands

iPass delivers the most comprehensive location data, because we improve upon industry-standard GPS signals by adding highly accurate signals from Wi-Fi access points. By using Wi-Fi to determine location, brands cannot only develop a richer, more accurate understanding of consumers, but can drive higher engagement and loyalty, too.

Scale Your Program. Delight Your Customers. Add Value to Your Brand.

Brand solution


For Enterprises

From the sales team to delivery drivers, everyone in your company has a lot to do and not much time to do it. Don’t let your team waste more time looking for free Wi-Fi that risks your company’s data security. iPass can keep your team securely connected to the best Wi-Fi available, make them more productive, and provide you with the operational visibility you need to keep your costs predictable.

Improve Productivity. Secure your connections. Keep Costs Predictable.

Business solution


For Network Operators

Wi-Fi offload has become not just a viable alternative to cellular, but a strategic necessity for every mobile operator. The iPass SmartConnect™ connection management platform uses intelligent network selection to choose the best network available, whether Wi-Fi or cellular, based on availability, performance, and cost. The result is Wi-Fi that delights customers and feels like a seamless extension of your cellular service, delighting customers, and delivering connection success rates that lead the industry.

Better Experience. Greater Capacity. Lower Costs. More Value for Roamers.

Operator solution



Make intelligent Wi-Fi the foundation of your engagement strategy

Whether you are a brand, enterprise or network operator, iPass SmartConnect intelligent Wi-Fi lets you offer users a highly valued perk that reduces friction, adds convenience, and drives loyalty. No matter what your use case, let iPass SmartConnect intelligent Wi-Fi be the centerpiece of your engagement strategy.