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Why You Should Add iPass to Your Mobile App

Why would any mobile app developer want to incorporate global mobile connectivity into their mobile offering? The answer is clear. When given the choice between Wi-Fi and cellular, most will choose Wi-Fi, which is cheaper and more reliable. And better reliability means greater user satisfaction, which is exactly what most app developers are seeking to achieve.

Our white paper addresses the fact that happier, better-connected users use more apps and engage more with each individual app. For app developers, that means a greater chance of profitability for advertiser-funded products. In addition to these generic benefits, adding Wi-Fi connectivity can have specific advantages for different types of developer or publisher.

Integrating Wi-Fi connectivity into a mobile app offers many advantages to users and developers, by improving the quality of service, reducing the cost of access for users and potentially boosting Average Revenue Per User for the app provider. And the cost of integration is now lower than ever.

iPass, for example, offers a full software development kit (SDK), along with a complete developer program, which makes it easy to integrate the capability to automatically access more than 60 million hotspots in more than 120 countries. This capability goes further than providing simple access: leveraging the iPass SmartConnect™ platform, iPass can ensure a mobile app always gets the optimum Wi-Fi service for the app’s requirements, and a developer does not have to worry about the nuances of connecting to multiple diverse infrastructure provider networks.

In conclusion, providing automatic Wi-Fi connectivity is simple to do and can have a significant impact on usability and profitability, both major factors in mobile app acceptance and utilization. The advantages are particularly compelling in the case of mobile phone companies, device vendors and cloud service providers, but integration could potentially benefit most if not all types of app.

What’s included in this paper:

  • The case for connectivity
  • Benefits for mobile operators
  • Benefits for OEM vendors
  • Benefits for collaboration and cloud providers
  • Benefits for loyalty programs
  • Ease of integration
  • Conclusion


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