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Ten Steps to Developing a Winning Mobility Strategy: Leading in the age of mobile first

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Managing enterprise mobility and maintaining operational visibility of mobile usage used to be simple. Companies provided mobile employees with a smartphone, negotiated a good carrier rate plan and then, they were done. If they were ahead of the curve, they had a strategy for managing Wi-Fi connectivity for laptops, complete with a remote VPN solution that kept everything safe and secure.

Soon, remote working became a cultural norm in many industries and options for mobile connectivity multiplied overnight, as did the need for reliable, mobile wireless networks. At the same time, companies started building web interfaces for mission-critical applications that had once lived only on the corporate LAN, safely inside the company firewall. Suddenly mobile device security was a major concern and everybody from the boardroom to the shipping dock wanted access to everything on any device, all the time, from anywhere.

Since then, the mobile revolution has only accelerated, radically transforming the way businesses function. Now, at least 70 percent of enterprise data resides on mobile devices, which means enterprise IT faces a new task, simultaneously ensuring that those mobile devices do not pose a security threat, while guaranteeing that remote workers stay connected to the cloud technologies that power the modern enterprise.

Businesses who seek to run their operations and engage with their employees efficiently need to get strategic, by seriously making “mobile first” the cornerstone of a winning mobility strategy. We have, therefore, created a white paper that lays out the benefits of having a winning mobility strategy in the age of mobile first, provides a ten-step approach to putting one together, and concludes by examining the future opportunities you can expect to tap into once it is in place.

What’s included in this paper:

  • Why you need a mobility strategy
  • The benefits of putting mobility first
  • Building your mobility strategy in ten steps
  • Embracing mobility transformation


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