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Hitachi Data Systems Taps Global Wi-Fi Leader to Keep Its Mobile Workforce Happy and Connected

It’s never been easy keeping road warriors connected when they’re on the move. And with a constant onslaught of mobile technologies infiltrating the digital office, things haven’t gotten any easier. Meanwhile, the productivity demands placed on road warriors have only gotten more onerous, as businesses, especially leading brands, expect their mobile employees to contribute just as much as their office-bound colleagues. Hitachi Data Systems, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd, found itself in just that quandary.

You see, with numerous traveling employees transacting business in more than 100 countries, Hitachi Data Systems needed a mobile connectivity solution that would enable its mobile workers to connect securely and simply, wherever they were. HDS employees were incredibly Wi-Fi-reliant but without access to a global Wi-Fi service, those employees were forced to pay exorbitant roaming and commercial Wi-Fi prices. In turn, IT had to bear the brunt of the costs without adequate ability to forecast and budget.

What was Hitachi Data Systems to do? To fulfill its myriad, mobile connectivity needs, HDS tapped global Wi-Fi leader, iPass. We now provide simple, secure, unlimited Wi-Fi access to HDS’s mobile workforce, enabling HDS to secure its corporate infrastructure and take advantage of a number of powerful security features.

Best part is, everyone loves it, starting with IT:

“IT has changed a lot over the years, but the same basic principles have always applied: we must outfit our employees with the tools necessary to be productive and successful,” said Theodore Lamour, director of IT infrastructure support at Hitachi Data Systems. “And really what that comes down to is customer satisfaction. We have 60 users that swear by iPass, that have told me they require iPass to get their work done. As an IT guy, renewing our contract with iPass was a no-brainer.”

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