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Getting Enterprise Mobility Right, Part 1

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The Formula: Connectivity = Productivity

Let’s face it. Employees are the core value of any business. Keeping them productive is the key to their contribution to a company’s bottom line. For this, you need an enterprise mobility strategy. One that enables employees to provide their maximum value to the business.

Enterprise mobility isn’t easy. In fact, in our experience, the pitfalls facing businesses when establishing a strong enterprise mobility strategy are numerous. Employees need to be connected to remain productive. IT must control those connections to protect the company. There’s a fine balance that needs to be maintained. To achieve that you need to fully understand the needs of your workforce, as well as the costs and risks associated with them.

Dear oh dear. What’s a poor company to do?

So, just how do you actually do enterprise mobility properly? While there may be multiple things to consider, it’s not brain surgery or rocket science. Never fear.

As a leader in mobile connectivity for businesses, we have a good idea of what you’re up against. Our two-part series details how to go about building out the best mobility strategy for your business.

If you’ve already finished this one and are ready for part two, it’s all about threats and alternatives.

What’s in the paper:

  • Productivity
  • Reality Bytes—Enterprise Mobility Today
  • Counting the Cost—Review Your Mobility Strategy
  • Intelligent Connectivity Management is Intelligent Value Management


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