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Getting Enterprise Mobility Right, Part 2

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Let’s Recap: Connectivity = Productivity

As we outlined last week, employees are the core component of any business, and keeping them productive is essential to the bottom line. That’s why you need an enterprise mobility strategy that enables employees to maximize their value by keeping them connected wherever they are.

At the same time, IT must find a way to facilitate connectivity without letting costs get out of hand or putting the company in harm’s way. While you want to maximize employee value, you certainly don’t want your mobility strategy to squander the value your employees create.

Never fear, iPass is here!

While enterprise mobility can be a tough nut to crack, there’s no need to lose sleep.

We’ve been in the mobile connectivity game for decades, and we’ve got a pretty good idea of what you’re up against. In our two part series, Value Judgment: Getting Enterprise Mobility Right, we walk you through what to consider as you build a strategy that works for your business.

From devices and networks to costs and operations, we review the factors that impact your strategy. We also review the potential impacts of your choices.

If you missed part one, or if you’d like to jog your memory, you can read it here.

Here’s what you’ll find in part two:

  • Threats to Security
  • Lack of Visibility
  • Threats to Productivity
  • Cellular and Wi-Fi—Contrasting and Complementary
  • iPass SmartConnect: Intelligent Connection Management for the Enterprise That’s Always Working


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