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Elo Brings an Innovative Connectivity Benefit to High-income Brazilian Cardholders

The first, wholly Brazilian credit card brand, Elo was launched in 2011 as a partnership between three of Brazil’s largest banks and soon began dominating the domestic market. Still with that level of domestic success, Elo hadn’t yet expanded outside of Brazil. That would soon change.

A deal with Discover put Elo on the global map, but the Brazilian company still faced a customer loyalty challenge: how to build loyalty while delivering a best-in-class benefits package. It wasn’t too long before Wi-Fi entered into their calculations. Elo knew that in mobile-mad Brazil, cardholders would value Wi-Fi highest among all other premium benefits.

A survey of high-end cardholders validated the initial surmise. But now Elo needed a mobile connectivity partner in order to bring simple, secure, global Wi-Fi to its premium customers. Enter iPass, a data-driven software and technology company that provides customers access to the world’s largest Wi-Fi network.

The deal was signed, and it was time for the new partners to get to work. Foremost among Elo’s considerations: customizing the new benefit for Brazilian app users, who value constant improvements to their service experience. Brazilian users prefer lightweight apps, and it was imperative that the Elo WiFi app meet the requirements of its intended users.

The results were immediate. All of the hardwork met with resounding success. Most importantly, cardholders loved it:

  • “Attractive and intuitive”
  • “I think it is a highly useful and user friendly.”
  • “Elo WiFi connection is a positive customer experience.”

Here are the features and benefits of the Elo WiFi app:

  • Access to the world’s largest Wi-Fi network, including strong domestic coverage in Brazil
  • Security and privacy
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to activate
  • Fully integrated with iPass
  • In-language customer support via email and social media channels

What’s included in the Elo case study:

  • Elo’s evolution
  • Elo’s customer loyalty challenge
  • Finding a partner
  • Elo WiFi: A new benefit for high-end cardholders
  • The payments industry in Brazil
  • At a glance: The simple cardholder journey
  • Results
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