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Business Case: Legal

Providing Mobile Workers A Cost-Effective, Secure Wi-Fi Connection

iPass helps global consulting firm reduce roaming costs for mobile workers

Secure Wi-Fi Network For Mobile Workers Case Study

When one of the world’s largest consulting firms known for its audit, tax, and advisory services needed to keep more than 5,000 mobile workers reliably connected and productive while traveling, the company approached iPass to help solve the problem. In addition to providing a secure connection, the company needed a solution that would control inflight Wi-Fi access charges and retain visibility within the IT department. The consulting firm needed a platform that would help keep traveling employees working with each other and performing other daily tasks such as collaborating on proposals, working in SharePoint, and checking/responding to e-mail.

The consulting firm has over 80 locations in the United States and even more around the world. That means many of its workforce were travelling a lot for business. Those mobile workers needed a secure date connection even while traveling on a plane. As a result, roaming costs started to skyrocket and became difficult to track and monitor.

Solution For Providing A Secure Wi-Fi Network

The company’s United States IT organization was tasked with controlling costs and creating a solution that would ensure security and keeping online content safe within the VPN. The IT department needed a solution that could maintain complete control over company-owned laptops, with total visibility into usage.

The solution was clear to iPass: the iPass Open Mobile Solution, which provides a cost-effective, reliable inflight Wi-Fi connection. The product offers a secure Wi-Fi connection on the ground and in the air thanks to the company’s partnership with GoGo Inflight Wi-Fi. Additionally, the flexibility of the iPass Open Mobile Solution also provided ways to keep roaming costs down and still offered extra flexibility for employees who only travel occasionally.

Read the case study to learn more about how:

  • Thousands of mobile workers around the world stay connected over a secure Wi-Fi network.
  • IT maintains visibility into employee usage and productivity using a secure, reliable network
  • iPass Open Mobile Solution created savings on roaming costs