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Break the Loyalty Enrollment Trap by Enhancing Customer Experience

Driving mobile loyalty with global Wi-Fi

Consumers love their customer loyalty programs. At least, they love enrolling in them. Over the last three years, average total loyalty program enrollment (across industry) has increased by 31 percent. Unfortunately that’s only half the story. Why? More often than not, consumers are getting stuck in the enrollment trap. What does that mean?

Loyalty programs are getting fewer engaged members, the type of members from which programs typically derive monetary value. For instance, in the U.S., the average household is enrolled in about 14 different rewards programs; that number is up 20 percent in the last three years. However, of those 14 programs, households are only active in about six – less than half. That number epitomizes the loyalty enrollment trap; barriers to enrollment are low, but so too (it turns out) are enducements to engagement.

Why are programs have trouble breaking the loyalty enrollment trap to more engaged particpants? There are some obvious culprits, like increased imitation (among competitors) and saturation (among consumers). But those variables are largely outside of a program’s control.

What’s firmly in a brand’s control is the experience it offers its customers. Customer experience tends to be a leading indicator of brand loyalty. In other words, do poorly on customer experience, and you’ll get customers stuck in the enrollment trap. Unfortunately, across the industry, customer satisfaction has plateaued, alongside customer engagement. For one: only 36 percent of members are very satisfied with their program’s customer support experience. Of greater concern, only 25 percent of program members are very satisfied with the level of personalization they experience with their program.

The bottom line is despite millions of dollars in brand investment, member satisfaction and engagement have barely budged, meanwhile program members languish in the loyalty enrollment trap. Brands aren’t doing enough to meet customers where they are, i.e. on mobile devices. The paper below details how the mobile-dependence of today’s loyalty customer is quickly making Wi-Fi a must-have for loyalty programs and one crucial way that brands can break the loyalty enrollment trap.

What’s in the paper:

  • The enrollment trap
  • It all starts with the customer experience
  • What’s at stake with the customer experience?
  • Improving the customer experience through mobile loyalty
  • Adding global Wi-Fi as a benefit
  • New loyalty use cases for Wi-Fi
  • Case study: How Wi-Fi data and analytics is improving the passenger experience
  • Conculsion


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