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Wi-Fi to Transform Customer Loyalty

By Dennis Jones


Just read the latest Cisco Visual Networking Index, and it becomes abundantly clear, we’re in the midst of a Wi-Fi boom, with no signs it’s ending anytime soon. For instance, while global mobile data traffic (on aggregate) grew 63 percent, mobile offload to Wi-Fi, to cite just one statistic, significantly exceeded cellular traffic. In fact, looking forward to 2021, half of all IP traffic will go over Wi-Fi. Those statistics have a heavy bearing on the state of retail industry, and that industry’s attempt to garner greater customer loyalty. Just as our Chief Commercial Officer, Patricia Hume, writes in Computer Business Review: “The growing availability of Wi-Fi can be a hugely disruptive tool for brands. Consumers constantly use their smartphones, and being able to capture device behaviour when they are using your Wi-Fi, can be invaluable information that can be applied to the brand’s future sales and marketing strategy.”

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