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Wi-Fi First Enterprise

By iPass Staff Writer

When you think of classic combinations that just work together, what do you think of? Peanut butter and jelly? Chips and dip? Now imagine Wi-Fi is a cookie and 3G/4G is milk – you could have one without the other – but they work so much better together. That classic, yet timeless combination is a great example of how the “Wi-Fi First” Enterprise works.



Now we live in a globally connected world, there is the assumption that consumers are “always on” and available at a touch of a button, all thanks to advancements in technology. But the question is how do people prefer to stay constantly connected to the digital world around them? Well the market has spoken and it looks like it knows a sweet treat when it sees one – Wi-Fi.

Last year alone Wi-Fi accounted for 80% of data consumption on smartphones and tablets, leaving cellular to trail behind with a measly 20%. And whilst we’ve all known about Wi-Fi for ages, the real difference is the speed and ease it creates when using your smart devices – when you click your fingers and BAM you’re already on the WebEx call with your prospect and downloading that key workforce report that could synch the deal you’ve been working on for the last month. Try to do that on cellular data and you can kiss that deal goodbye!

Take Wi-Fi calling – the uptake of this has been huge, so much so it’s causing a massive disruption within the connectivity market. By offering improved connection and quality with cheaper rates Wi-Fi calling has the market in the palm of its hand, Wi-Fi hotspots are acting as cell towers which is powerfully paving the way for Wi-Fi calling to explode onto the scene. So much so that by 2019 Wi-Fi calling is predicted to account for 53% of mobile voice minutes.

But the real question is why do mobile workers prefer to connect using Wi-Fi? Not only is it reliable and available, the quality is far superior to what cellular data can provide. There’s intense pressure on businesses to invest in mobile connectivity solutions that not only support and allow employees to remain productive, but also to keep them empowered and happy. Why shouldn’t your employees take advantage of Wi-Fi to keep on top of work as well as keeping in touch with loved ones?

As global mobile workforces continue to grow it’s important to bridge the gap between devices and networks. How many times have you been ready to hit the send button on that crucial email, only for it to be stuck in your outbox because of spotty cellular coverage? Enough times for you to wish this wasn’t a regular occurrence, I’m sure. When these issues persist it affects not only your productivity but your credibility with clients and more importantly prospects. And frighteningly enough 70% of U.S. business travelers have experienced this!

In today’s digital world businesses cannot afford not to be in constant communication and collaboration. Cloud and UC applications are providing the platforms for this to take place, but there is still a need for an underlying, consistent network connection. With businesses investing heavily in these platforms to keep up with the market and their competitors there is a growing need for unlimited connectivity.

And that’s where iPass comes in. We’ve just launched Unlimited – that’s right, unlimited Wi-Fi connectivity – and we know it’s a game changer for productive employees and businesses on the road. Visit our microsite at to find out how you can stay ahead of your competitors and join the Wi-Fi game.