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Why CFOs Need a Global Mobile Connectivity Solution for Their Teams

By Darin Vickery, CFO

CFOs need a Global Mobile Connectivity  solution

I know what it’s like to get inbound sales inquiries on a daily basis. I can’t keep my voicemail or email free of them. But every once in a while, something sparks my interest. And nothing sparks my interest like technology that makes life easier, paired with a solid ROI to help my company’s bottom line—something that can benefit ALL our people for a reasonable price, to drive productivity and improve folks’ quality of life.

I travel frequently, and whether it is trips across the country to meet investors, overseas to meet with customers and partners, or just across town to meet with colleagues, I have to stay connected. We have a BYOD policy at iPass, and while I’m happy with my cell coverage for quick domestic connections, sometimes I need to work on my laptop on a long plane ride or to use more bandwidth for things like Skype or FaceTime. And sometimes, I just want to grab a coffee, connect seamlessly to a free Wi-Fi hotspot, and get thirty minutes of work done without having to worry about getting hacked. I can’t tell you how many flights I’ve been on where the person seated next to me has asked, once they see me pull out my laptop and connect in a matter of seconds, “Oh, so they have free Wi-Fi on the plane?” “Not exactly,” I’ll respond, and when I walk them through the iPass experience, the response is without fail, “How do I get that?”

As a CFO of a public company, I’m tasked with managing the bottom line while overseeing a fiscally responsible strategy for growth. More times than not, I’m seen as the bad guy that cuts costs, controls spend, and often has to say “no,” or at best “maybe, but show me the cost/benefit first.” The iPass service, featuring unlimited usage, everywhere connectivity, and invisible technology is the ideal, global mobile connectivity solution for companies looking to keep all their employees connected, while optimizing the cost of mobility spend.