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We Are Part of the New Samsung Gear S Hands Free Mobile Experience

By iPass Staff Writer

With the market heating up in the wearable device category, Samsung has announced the new Samsung Gear S, a mobile device you wear like a watch – but don’t be fooled; it’s so much more than an old-fashioned timepiece (check out these features).

Samsung Gear S

Wearable computing. Our first step in connecting the Internet of Things.

Samsung has included iPass, which will allow wearers to access 15 million hotspots around the world. As wearable devices become more sophisticated they will require the ability to transfer more data. The need for Wi-Fi connections will become progressively more important as users start to use them to watch movies, television, transfer files, and even have video conferences.

The Samsung Gear S isn’t shipping yet, but watch our blog for news about when it become available.