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Undoing the Gordian Knot of Mobile Work

By Alex Braelow


Recently, we here at iPass published a pretty cool, two-part series outlining how your company can come up with a mobility strategy that works for your business. It’s called Value Judgment: Getting Enterprise Mobility Right.

It will walk you through the things you need to consider when devising your mobility strategy. It will help you answer such questions as: What issues are there related to devices, operations, cost etc.? What are the pros and cons of different approaches? What are the stakes for getting this right/wrong? Part One can be found here. Part Two is here.

We put this series together, because it seems that every week, we are alerted to just how much money our businesses stand to lose by not maximizing the potential of Wi-Fi, or alternatively, just how pernicious public Wi-Fi hotspots can be.

An ill begotten mobility strategy could spell disaster for your business. Crippling cyber attacks, out of control mobility spending, hidden mobility costs, lackluster employee productivity, etc. That is to say, it could have serious financial and reputational ramifications for your company.

But I submit that the problem isn’t nearly as difficult to solve as it is made to seem. Indeed, that devising a solid, well-conceived mobility strategy is, in fact, a Gordian Knot. That is, a seemingly intractable problem for which there is an obvious and bold solution.

Just as Alexander the Great used his kopis (basically, a big knife) to slice through the indeterminable knot, so too can businesses armed with the right tools solve the riddle of enterprise mobility.

To that end, Value Judgment: Getting Enterprise Mobility Right is the perfect place to start. It begins with the premise that your employees are the core value of your business. Furthermore, that keeping them productive, and therefore maximizing their value to the business, is the key to their contribution to your company’s bottom line.

Part One covers:

  • Productivity
  • The State of the Enterprise Mobility Landscape
  • Reviewing Your Mobility Strategy
  • Intelligent Connectivity Management as it Pertains to Value

Part Two covers:

  • Threats to Security
  • Lack of Visibility
  • Threats to Productivity
  • The Contrasting and Complementary Nature of Cellular and Wi-Fi
  • iPass SmartConnect: Intelligent Connection Management for the Enterprise That’s Always Working

Happy Reading!