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Time, Money, Security, and Tech Data

By Alex Braelow


Stop me if you’ve heard this before… Time is money. The platitudinal Twitter mob has come up with about a million different ways to say this, but the original is time tested and true.

And it’s a central tenet here at iPass. Aside from the obvious financial benefits of freeing your workforce from expensive data plans, iPass SmartConnect™ allows your mobile employees to convert would-be wasted time into productive time. Securely.

That turns out to be a pretty big deal. It’s also how we caught the eye of Tech Data, with whom we have recently announced a channel partnership. To quote Linda Rendleman, their vice president of Product Marketing, Endpoint Solutions, “…one of the biggest challenges for small to medium-sized businesses is keeping employees and clientele connected through a cost-effective and secure environment.”

From an enterprise productivity stand point, the argument for global Wi-Fi connectivity is well subscribed to. The primary objection? Poor security could endanger the company IT infrastructure if employees attach to corrupted hotspots. We offer a solution to this, and because we do, iPass SmartConnect is a hot commodity.

For Tech Data’s part, they will provide the iPass solution to their diverse scope of channel partners. They will have the option to sell iPass SmartConnect as either a standalone offering or bundle it into a complete solution. Tech Data will also look to facilitate partnerships between iPass and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to integrate iPass SmartConnect technology at the device level.

Our partnership with Tech Data means we’re helping companies turn time into money. The iPass SmartConnect offering is a secure alternative to outdated and expensive roaming practices. And not only does this partnership reinforce our channel presence in Europe, it signals a renewed commitment to the US and Canadian channel space.