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The Customer Loyalty Benefit of Wi-Fi Analytics

By Dennis Jones

customer loyalty benefit of wi-fi analytics

Offering premium Wi-Fi as an amenity isn’t the only way your brand can leverage Wi-Fi to enhance loyalty and engagement. Global Wi-Fi hotspots can themselves be incredibly valuable sources of data as well, as Wi-Fi analytics reveal how consumer devices behave and move.

Savvy brands are jumping at the opportunity to use Wi-Fi analytics to forge stronger relationships with their customers. For one, retail brands can track devices connected to brand-affiliated Wi-Fi networks as customers enter brick and mortar locations, helping you accumulate real-time insights about how often consumers visit certain locations, even which aisles they go to first. In turn, this information can help retail brands personalize offers for each individual customer that enters their stores.

We’ve already seen exciting trials that show the potential impact of Wi-Fi analytics. In late 2016, Transport for London (TfL), the public body responsible for the transport system in the London metropolitan area, conducted a four-week trial of Tube commuters, using Wi-Fi analytics generated from access points in more than 50 central London stations to track device activity on nearly six million mobile phones. The resulting data provided deeper insights into how people moved within the transit system, including how long it took commuters to get where they needed to go. Moreover, through the access point data, the TfL was able to assess how crowded trains and platforms got at certain times of the day. As a result of the trial, the TfL is planning to take steps to improve the commuter journey, such as updating its travel assistance apps, after learning that a significant number of commuters are taking longer routes within stations.

The net net is clear: from connecting at home, on the Underground, in the office, or at a cafe, Wi-Fi is already impacting every aspect of our lives. In turn, Wi-Fi analytics are only beginning to affect the world we live in and the services brands offer us. 2018, in particular, promises to be an extraordinary year for Wi-Fi data deployments and developments. To learn more about the golden age of Wi-Fi data, read the latest by our very own Chief Commercial Officer, Patricia Hume, in Computer Business Review. You can read the article here.