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The Cost of Inflight Wi-Fi Passes

Day in the Life Series: 2 a.m. – 3 a.m.

By Dennis Jones


“Can you cost out the price of inflight Wi-Fi passes for the whole org?” That was the subject line of the context-less email the CFO received upon waking. The author of said email…you guessed it, Krempe’s very own CEO.

By now, the CFO had become accustomed to such flights of rhetorical flourish from his CEO. That didn’t mean that he liked them any better. They tended to presage a major initiative. And any major initiative that this CEO embarked upon seemed to have a major cost implication. Case in point: her most recent employee engagement drive that was threatening to become a boondoggle for that HR consultancy firm.

Now, she wanted to cost out inflight passes for the whole org. “What did that even mean? Could you even get corporate travel passes? And how much would those cost?” Those were some of the many questions racing through the CFO’s un-caffeinated brain.

You see our CFO was only just now waking up to another day of investor meetings in New York, his last. He had an early briefing breakfast with his IR contact in an hour at the hotel restaurant, decent food and decent prices, just like he liked it. He’d also found the hotel Wi-Fi reliably high quality, a big surprise given his recent experience with the erratic connectivity at this mid-priced hotel chain.

Looking at the clock, he’d just have enough time to shower, pack up his belongings and make it down in time to meet up with IR contact. But he couldn’t get the CEO’s cryptic email out of his head. What did it all mean? If inflight Wi-Fi was the solution, what was the problem?

Sure, a fair share of the organization flew, himself included. Sure, having to pay for Wi-Fi each time he flew wasn’t necessarily convenient. He thought about the times that he’d even forgotten his wallet, either in his carry-on (left in his overhead) or even sometimes in his luggage.

Still, he was left grasping at straws, pondering his CEO’s email.

See what happened next.