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Thank Goodness for Free Airport Wi-Fi

Day in the Life Series: 3 p.m. – 4 p.m.

By Dennis Jones


After an inflight epiphany, our old HR consultant has finally landed at his destination airport. Unfortunately, his mobile connectivity troubles persist. His attempt to connect and communicate with a senior partner while in the air had ultimately proved fruitless. He’d given up after the comedy of errors culminated in his third visit to the same captive portal page. He knew he’d have to face the music. And soon. Probably as soon as he got connected and was able to check his email again, which he would try to do as soon as possible. Luckily, there was free airport Wi-Fi available here.

Sure, he’d given up every intimate detail of his personal life in order to get online. And that was before he was subjected to an interminable advertisement video. When he finally got to his corporate email account that all seemed like water under the bridge. Maybe the free airport Wi-Fi service wasn’t the fastest – he wasn’t planning on going on YouTube – but at least he hadn’t been fired. The senior partner seemed to understand. He was lucky this time.

Maybe not so lucky yet. He’d scheduled a Skype business call with a potential client and he was intending to use the free airport Wi-Fi service. He’d heard the statistic before; roughly half of the airports in the U.S. and Europe offer free Wi-Fi as an amenity. Sounded great to him. He hadn’t exactly stopped to think about the other half of airports. Or whether free airport Wi-Fi was actually free.

He’d soon find out.

See what happened next.