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Six Benefits of Putting Mobility First

By Dennis Jones


Here’s the scoop. We’re living in a mobile world. How mobile? Not only are more people than ever using mobile technology, but they’re using it for a greater range of applications than ever before. Mobile money services, for one, are available to billions of users worldwide. And billions more use mobile devices to simply access the internet. These people are your consumers, but they are also your employees. Mobile use is highest among affluent buyers, who spend on average 26 hours online per week and are the heaviest consumers of digital media. Those buyers aren’t that different than your applicants or existing employees. Having a mobility strategy that enables them to interact with your company seamlessly, i.e. a strategy built around mobile rather than fixed end points, has a lot of benefits. Those benefits include:

  • Improved security. Your employees will use mobile devices whether you like it or not, so building a strategy based on mobility helps you control and manage mobile use and lets your employees use their (and your) mobile channels more securely. What if you’re not prioritizing security? Research shows security breaches cost corporations an average of $4 million per event.
  • Reduced costs. BYOD represents a clear opportunity for cost reduction. Just think about it: an employee who is happy using their own mobile device won’t ask you to buy another one. Also, if your mobility plan is Wi-Fi first, you can trim some cost off of usage-based mobile data plans.
  • Greater productivity. This is a big one. If your employees can connect anywhere, anytime, they can work during otherwise “dead time.” Recent research suggests employee mobility can increase productivity by as much as 23 percent.
  • Faster decision-making. Similarly, the ability to connect and collaborate wherever you are makes it a lot easier for teams to complete tasks and reach decisions.
  • More resiliency. Being able to access corporate information and applications on an anywhere, anytime basis is a perfect complement to cloud-based operations, especially when hosting your key business systems in the cloud helps makes your business reslient to location-based disasters.
  • Happier staff. Research suggests mobilility initiatives can improve employee satisfaction by up to 100 percent, by giving workers greater visibility over their workflows and helping them balance work and personal commitments more easily.