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Save the Date at MVNOs North America 2017

Why Wi-Fi – Why NOT?

By Dennis Jones


You’ve heard it here before. But it’s worth repeating. We are in the midst of unprecedented growth in mobile traffic. Consumers can’t get enough data. Yet, that consumer demand is bending the price curve down. And in addition to tapering costs, increased demand is further eroding supply (in the form of cellular capacity).

So if you’re an MVNO trying to overcome those market fundamentals, what can you do? Looking for answers, well look no further. Come join us at MVNOs North America 2017, as iPass Chief Commercial Officer, Patricia Hume, discusses the need to seamlessly incorporate unlicensed spectrum to meet growing data demands, while reducing margin pressures and delivering a high-quality experience to savvy subscribers.

Event details:

iPass Chief Commercial Officer, Patricia Hume
Why Wi-Fi – Why NOT?
At MVNOs North America 2017
Monday, October 16th at 3:20 pm

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