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Save the Date at MVNOs Europe 2017

Why Wi-Fi - Why NOT?

By Dennis Jones

It is becoming increasingly difficult for mobile operators to maintain profitable margins and average revenue per user (ARPU). This is creating problems for the industry. Some industry sources, for example, believe that no more than 35 percent of MVNOs will remain profitable in the long term. While the obvious answer is to build out additional mobile network capacity, this requires capital that is hard to come by and is not an option for MVNOs.

Enter global Wi-Fi. So come join us at MVNOs Europe 2017, as iPass Regional Director, U.K. and Ireland and Northern Europe, Darren Short, discusses the need to seamlessly incorporate unlicensed spectrum to meet growing data demands, while reducing margin pressures and delivering a high-quality experience to savvy subscribers.

iPass Regional Director, U.K. and Ireland and Northern Europe, Darren Short
Why Wi-Fi – Why NOT?
At MVNOs Europe 2017

Wednesday, November 15th at 12:50 pm

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