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SAS uses iPass to provide flight crews with access to 15 million global Wi-Fi hotspots

By Patti Thompson

Scandinavian Airlines shares iPass success story

Leader in modern aviation, Scandinavian Airlines, has published an article describing how their efforts to make their Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) system more cost effective and reliable led them to iPass as a globally mobile connectivity solution.

The article logically describes how they knew that leaving paper behind and moving to digital for the EFB was essential, but when they rolled out the new system—a system that relied heavily on 3G roaming—they began to see right away how costly and challenging 3G was going to be. This is when they began to consider other options.

iPass soon emerged as the best solution for their very sizable needs. The network was robust with over 15 million hotspots, the costs were considerably lower than that of 3G Roaming, iPass’ technology was adaptable to the stringent requirements of the airline industry, and their crews actually found it helpful in many ways, too—including pre-flight and post-flight checks while at the airport.

Read the full article here.