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Our People Need to Be Connected Easily When They Fly

Day in the life series: 4 a.m. to 5 a.m.

By Dennis Jones


The CFO was just getting out of his briefing with his IR contact, who always seemed to go on and on. Often after those briefings, it was a godsend to meet with investors, especially the more laconic investors. As he left the hotel, he considered how he wanted to get to his first of the day’s meetings: cab or subway? There was absolutely no chance he’d get Wi-Fi in the cab – he wanted to stay always on – and he’d heard that some of the city’s subways offered free Wi-Fi.

But before he could give the matter more thought, he noticed that he had a few text messages. That was unusual. It was still pretty early back on the West Coast – who could be texting him?

“Check your email,” the text ran. It was the CEO. His heart sunk. He knew something major was afoot.

He hadn’t responded to her earlier email. He didn’t know how. And with the chatty IR contact and promise of more investor meetings, he had forgotten the original cryptic email. But he knew he no longer could, so he logged into his work email.

In the last hour, he’d received the usual deluge of emails from his Finance team across the globe. He also received a follow up from his CEO to her original cryptic email. He groaned internally, as he read:

I know you must think I’m crazy. But our people need to be connected easily when they fly. Come to think, wherever they are. They are getting fed up and we are losing them. We need a solution ASAP.

Well, he did think she was crazy and stream of conscious emails like that one were no small part of why. What on earth was she talking about? What people were fed up, and whom were they losing?

He knew he’d have to bite the bullet and just call her to discuss. Before he could, his phone started ringing. And guess who it was…

See what happened next.