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Next Generation Hotspot Goes Mainstream

By Dennis Jones


Data is growing apace, buoyed in no large part by surging video consumption. And so the wireless industry has had to ask itself, how to accommodate this increased demand for bandwidth while keeping consumer costs low?

For a long time, one of the main solutions has been offloading mobile traffic to good old Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi networks allow operators to more efficiently scale capacity to keep up with ever-increasing subscriber data needs. But Wi-Fi isn’t without its own set of user experience challenges – what technology isn’t in this complex mobile ecosystem? Lucky for us, the big players in Wi-Fi have taken notice and have been innovating with Next Generation Hotspot (NGH).

In case you didn’t know, NGH encompasses Passpoint technology, an industry-wide solution to streamline network access in hotspots and eliminate the need for users to find and authenticate a network each time they connect; this enables offload to carrier-grade Wi-Fi networks without user intervention. In terms of end-user benefits, NGH creates a truly ubiquitous connected experience, removing the pain of logins, passwords, and other user headaches, so that you can enjoy a seamless, automatic Wi-Fi connection.

Industry players, like Cisco and the WBA, have been trialing NGH for years now. So what’s new? More and more Wi-Fi equipment is able to support the technology. User equipment manufacturers are making their devices up to spec, so your consumer devices now support NGH. And the software is finally there.

To learn more about what’s happening in the space, read the guest blog we submitted to our friends at the WBA (Wireless Broadband Association) here.