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Moments of Serendipity While Inflight

Day in the Life Series: 12 a.m. – 1 a.m.

By Dennis Jones


Remember our indefatigable HR consultant. He remains indefatigable and inflight (again), even if it’s now almost one in the morning. But sometimes, it takes the literal quiet of a plane full of slumbering passengers and the productivity enabled by speedy, easy-to-use inflight internet to get the mental juices flowing, to have those moments of serendipity.

You see our consultant hadn’t had much time to think all day. And when he finally did, he returned to the germ of an idea he had had much earlier.

He’d be able to access the inflight services on this airline relatively easily, but he hadn’t forgotten the struggle he had earlier when trying to get online. It was the same battle he often waged while onboard, one that cost him tons of productive (cough, billable) time and even more stress and frustration.

But surely he wasn’t the only one. In fact, he knew he wasn’t. All of the other consultants, in his present firm and others he’d worked at, often complained about their travails trying to get online. It was sort of a badge of honor. But not only did those travails make them less efficient, it also, ultimately made them less engaged. You can’t be engaged when you can’t engage. And more and more, being engaged meant being online.

He thought about the Krempe case. Sure, Krempe was a tech company, not a consulting firm, but they’ve got plenty of people who fly. Plenty of busy people who need to get online quickly, wherever they are. Maybe there was something about the challenges of getting connected while inflight that wasn’t contributing to the engagement crisis at Krempe, the consultant thought? And why just inflight? Getting connected in general isn’t a picnic.

It was then that he decided to write Krempe’s CEO.

See what happened next.