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Mobile Research Reveals High-Bandwidth Apps Driving Wi-Fi First Culture

By iPass Staff Writer

Today, business travelers like you are hitting the road with an average of three connected devices. Those devices make it possible for you to stay connected close to 100% of your waking hours. This is just a portion of what revealed by our recent research on the mobile workforce (get the report).

Business Travel Challenges Infographic

Getting and staying connected is your primary concern. With the emergence of tools that exclusively require Wi-Fi to connect – like tablets and netbooks – it’s not surprising that respondents listed “lack of connectivity” as a huge challenge to business travel.

Specifically, finding and accessing Wi-Fi is one of the top challenges they face when they travel. It’s so important to them that the majority of business travelers haven’t gone longer than four hours without connecting. (Is this you? Take our survey and let us know.)

The demand for Wi-Fi is growing as our need for high-bandwidth connections increase.

Making Wi-Fi accessible – even for Smartphones – has emerged as a pressing business requirement. Wi-Fi connectivity is the method of choice, thanks to its speed, cost-effectiveness and bandwidth.

Driven by the cloud and integrated communications like Microsoft Office 360, Google Docs, Skype, Lync, Jabber and more, business travelers are lost without a reliable, robust data connection. Wi-Fi fits the bill. Here’s what we learned:

  • 74% of business travelers would choose Wi-Fi over cellular data when traveling—if they can get it.
  • Almost 77% reported that simple Wi-Fi connectivity is their greatest challenge to productivity when they’re on the road.
  • And 87% of respondents reported that they feel frustrated, annoyed, angry or anxious when connectivity isn’t available.

You can get your copy of the report here.